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Hello, and welcome to the September 2021 newsletter! What will autumn bring? As another summer season sails into memory, we head into autumn with hopes of a brighter, healthier future.

Judging by the latest news reports, it’s still best to remain vigilant with your health plans and avoiding possible exposure to the coronavirus. Right now, playing it safe is playing it smart.

This month’s issue includes excerpts from three online articles covering hand massage, relief from migraines, and how massage can improve sleep as we age.

With an endless stream of studies addressing health, it’s hard to keep up with the results. A smart approach is to focus on the basics—maintaining a proper diet, staying hydrated with pure water, getting proper rest and, of course, regular massages to support all of your body’s functions. The results of these varied health studies support the wisdom of this approach.

Have a great month; see you soon for your next massage!

Top 5 Benefits of Hand Massage
by David Hucks

There are several health benefits of massage. It’s been shown to reduce pain and tension, relieve stress and boost your overall mental well-being. Hand massage is no different. Your hands take on a lot during daily life and it’s essential to give them the TLC they need. ...

Stimulates blood flow— Massage stimulates healthy blood flow to the area and around the body. This helps to promote skin elasticity and improve circulation. For this reason, hand massage can help to prevent the signs of aging in your hands.

Helps treat certain conditions— Hand massage is often recommended as a complementary therapy for those with conditions that affect their dexterity or that cause chronic pain. These can include arthritis, carpal tunnel syndrome, fibromyalgia, and neuropathy. Massage can help to reduce pain and improve grip strength and dexterity.

Reduces stress and anxiety— Massage has a calming effect, and that’s why it’s often used as a treatment for stress and anxiety. In fact, studies have shown that massage measurably reduces stress and this can help improve the overall quality of life of the patient. Massage stimulates blood flow, relieves tensions, and enables you to achieve a sense of deep relaxation. This helps improve your sleep pattern and mood.

Relieves pain— One of the benefits of hand massage is that it can help to ease pain, especially after an injury or strain. This is because it helps to relieve tension and inflammation. It can be effective for those experiencing repetitive strain injury due to their working conditions. There are also ways you can prevent repetitive strain injury in your hands. It’s essential to have an ergonomically correct workstation. You could invest in special tech such as an ergonomic mouse or keyboard to help take the strain off your hands and wrists.

Improves mobility— Massage helps to ease muscle tension and improve mobility. The techniques used in massage cause a rise in tissue temperature which helps increase elasticity and range of movement. ... It’s also a great stress-reliever. Hand massage can help boost your energy levels, improve your flexibility, and relieve pain and tension in your hands.

Source: myrtlebeachsc.com

Migraine headache sufferers can reduce pain by adding more fish, omega-3 fatty acids to diet
by Chris Melore

Omega-3 fatty acids have become something of a wonder treatment for all sorts of ailments. Studies show getting this nutrient from foods like fish or through dietary supplements may help fight off everything from inflammation, to asthma, to heart disease. Now, scientists say sticking to a diet rich in omega-3 fatty acids may provide significant relief to people dealing with migraines.

The new study finds eating an omega-3-rich diet reduces the severity and number of painful headaches patients suffer each month. Along with increasing omega-3 intake, researchers note lowering the amount of omega-6 fatty acids* is also key to migraine relief.

Source: studyfinds.org

(*The most important thing you can do to reduce omega-6 intake is to eliminate processed vegetable oils from your diet, as well as the processed foods that contain them. Source: healthline.com)

Massage Techniques Significantly Improve Sleep in Older Population

Massage therapy works wonders in improving the sleeping cycles and sleeping duration for older adults and people struggling with insomnia! When it comes to health and well-being, a healthy sleeping pattern is a strong indicator to lead a quality life. However, with age, older people struggle with disrupted sleep, which affects their day-to-day functions. Numerous studies have been conducted to analyze the various reasons for the change in the sleeping cycle, taking age and lifestyle changes into account. Dr. Aybek Izzato ... has conducted breakthrough research on massage therapy that highlights how influencing the state of muscles leads to sound sleep in the elderly population.

Lack of sound sleep affects the overall health, exacerbates various medical conditions, impairs cognitive abilities, and in some cases, increases the mortality rates. In addition, older adults go through different health and lifestyle changes that influence their sleeping patterns causing insomnia. According to Dr. Izzato, massage therapy works wonders to improve sleep quality and sleep duration.

In contrast to the conventional methods of treating insomnia through medication and pills, massage therapy is cost-effective and does not have any side effects. Additionally, manual massage therapy works in sync with the physical, biochemical, and psychological systems, ensuring a holistic approach to enhancing sleep quality. By improving muscle flexibility, blood flow, and reducing the toxins from the body, sleeping cycles improve. ...

Source: digitaljournal.com

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— Mike Murdock





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