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Here are some testimonials received from our clients:

"Best place to go for a massage!! I have been coming to Kristi for years, she is fabulous and really knows what she is doing. I never heard of SRT massage until i met her, it is amazing. I will walk in at a 8 or 9 on the pain scale and when i leave i am between a 1 and 3. Recently I had a 4 hand massage at Heavenly hands from Kristi and Karin, they make a great team! I recommend either one of them for your massage. Karin is amazing at deep tissue massage, it feels great and she really gets your muscles to relax! Thank you Kristi and Karin! :)" Jessie A.

"The name really does fit! Stasha did a wonderful job from start to finish. She was thorough in her assessment of my needs and was able to pin-point which areas required more attention. She used certain techniques that I've never heard of, but they felt wonderful! Also, if you've never received a professional massage because of your body type...I assure you that this place will treat you right. I'm a big gal and know the struggles, but I had no issues here. Kristi, the owner, clearly went above and beyond to create an inclusive space for all bodies. I'll definitely be booking with Stasha again." Lisa R.

“I came to Heavenly Hands to help with a crushed vertebrae and found Kristi and her service. Kristi is a people person and loves to help. She is a source of good information. Kristi is an expert at her profession. She also loves bringing comfort to her clients. It is such a wonderful event in my month. I am older and the pains are many and she can take them away and give me much needed relief.” Marian P.

"It was wild having you both work on me. Seems like a good thing to have both of you, as I think you could get twice as much done. Stasha has a nice touch." Gretchen Z. (Speaking about a 4 hand massage with Kristi & Stasha.)

“I love the professionalism, the great service, the knowledge of different options for services. It's a great place for all therapy needs.” Jeff H.

“After a massage, I always leave feeling refreshed, relaxed and pampered. I have always received excellent service. I have referred several friends who now get regular massages at Heavenly Hands. ” Joanne W.

"If I could give Kristi 20 stars I would. She had taught me to listen to my body. I use to hate having massages because they always hurt me. I learned that it's both their fault and mine. Mine for not telling them when something hurt. The last appointment I had with Kristi I knew my body was in a mood. Kristi understood and helped me tell her what I was feeling so she could adjust to my pain. If it wasn't for her kind patient demeanor I would have never learned how to read my own body. She is more then just a massage therapist she help heal your body with her touch. I would recommend her to everyone."  Laura H.

“Heavenly Hands Massage is my happy place, treatment addresses mind, body and soul, Kristi truly is a healer and has helped me immensely getting back to a healthy life.” Terrie R.

"I found Heavenly Hands through Spafinder and I'm very happy I did! I had an Initial Visit and spoke with Kristi and Stasha about what I was looking for with my massage. It was clear to me that they really value all of their new and returning clients. They put a lot of thought into every part of the process, doing so many thing that I haven't experienced before when getting a massage! Stasha was excellent to work with and provided a lot of relief in my shoulders and neck! I highly recommend checking them out!" Nina W.

“Kristi always listens to what you and your body is telling her. I really love that she is always learning new things. Plus she's just a great soul. Thanks.” Rhonda W.

"I really enjoyed Stasha. She has a warm, soft, confident manner and touch. I felt very pampered." Lynn B.

“There are several things I like about Heavenly Hands so I will say two of the many. The work that is done so great and precise along with the friendly caring atmosphere you see as soon as you walk into the place. I would go everyday if I could. There is nothing I would change in the way you care for the human body and the many injuries that I had. It was very helpful to live a temporary pain free life. Thank you for the gift god gave you in your hands to do the work you do.” Denise M-W.

“Kristi lights up my day, not only is she an excellent therapist but I am lucky to call her a friend. When I get a massage I know that I will be getting the best treatment, because Kristi has the upmost pride in her work and business. I could not imagine going anywhere else.” Jessica W.

“Cozy atmosphere and friendly massage therapists.” Jessica D.

“I enjoy the time spent with Kristi. I feel very pampered. The hot towels, eye pillow and the honey foot rubs are added bonus to the massage.” Gail R.

“The environment is warm and inviting and Kristy has such a personable personality, she is incredibly well educated and trained in her field. When I went in I felt pretty good but I left feeling fantastic, I loved that Kristi asked for specific information about me before hand and I felt that she made it a point to cater the services provided to my individual needs. I have never had a more relaxing and soothing massage before and I would absolutely recommend her services. I can't wait for my next massage.” Hollie F.

"She (Stasha) has excellent energy and I think she's a great addition to your practice. She is so lively." Jessica W.

“I have been searching high and low to replace a therapist that has moved on. This has been awesome finding Kristi and having such a great connection with her and her ability to connect and help heal. She is such a friendly helpful person and truly loves what she does. I am glad to have found her.” Judith B.

“I most enjoy the friendliness of Kristi and she remembers me every time I come in and asks how I am. Great bedside manner! I won't go anywhere else!” Janet L.

“I have had massages done other places, nothing compares to what I receive here. My membership has been a wonderful gift to myself, especially this past year as I deal with loss and grief.” Becky B.

“I always know Kristi will spend time with me and honestly listen and take into account my current condition. She will work on those areas besides finding areas with her expertise that I didn't even know I had that need work. I feel comfortable referring people because I know how well Kristi treats old as well as new customers and they will not be disappointed.” Meg R.

“Kristi and her staff always greet their clients/guests with a smile and a warm welcome! They are always attuned to the client's needs at that time, and never insist on downplaying anyone's pain or distress or approach a situation in a condescending manner. The atmosphere in the clinic is one of relaxation and calm, leaving one with a true sense of healing and peace.” Ann S.

“Kristi is an amazing therapist. Her hands seem to just know where the ouchies are. I always feel better and it helps manage my body. The SRT treatment has helped me a lot and I recommend it to others.” Angela T.

“Always treated like the most important client of the day. Thoroughly pleased with all aspects of Heavenly Hands. Kristi is a treasure and I thank the friends that recommended her to me. I have already recommended other friends and family because I want them to experience the same wonderful treatment and relaxation provided. After my wonderful massage, I walk out feeling like I am floating on a cloud. It's a feeling of complete relaxation and contentment.” Susann W.

“I have been highly satisfied with my massage therapy it has helped with pain control and made me able to be more active. Yes I refer people it's a very great quality and caring business.” Sandy G.

“My massage at Heavenly Hands was fantastic! I left feeling refreshed and relaxed. I also came away with new information specific to issues we discussed. I will definitely be back and highly recommend Heavenly Hands, They are very professional and good at their jobs.” Terri L.

“I must admit that Kristi knows exactly how to ease my tense muscles and has taught me how to relax on the massage table. She definitely listens to my ailment complaints and knows how to fix them! I look forward to my one hour a month of luxury, relaxation and a smiling face!” Wally H.

“As a survivor of a head-on car accident, I fully endorse Kristi at Heavenly Hands Massage Therapy. I was unable to move my neck—it had been broken; my thumbs were hurt from the airbag, and my knees were bruised by the steering column. Using the SRT technique, Kristi has been able to get me back to living a full and busy life as a mom and teacher of young children. At first, she could barely touch the affected muscles. Now, almost a year later, Kristi is still finding new spots at deeper levels, and learning new techniques to get me back to health. I feel younger after each visit, and may actually be returning to full range of motion and activity soon. Thanks Kristi! “ Cathy A.

"Kristi has not only amazing abilities, but amazing dedication and customer service. When her protege Kelsy's massage did not relieve the intense back pain I had been experiencing, she took both of us back to her massage room and walked Kelsy through some more advanced techniques that allowed me to walk out of there standing straight and at a normal pace for the first time in days. Thank You Kristi!" Carol V.

"Kristi is one of the best massage therapists ever...very professional, keeps up-to-date with latest techniques and the atmosphere is soooo relaxing.” Bonnie A.

"Kristi definitely has "Heavenly Hands"! She listens to a person's needs and concerns about the body, knows how to address these and relieve stress, while making the experience relaxing and indulgent. She always strives to go beyond the minimum service, giving extra time, care, and attention to each customer. Everyone is "special" at Heavenly Hands!" Lynn B.

"I like when I walk in the door you are always calm. It helps me calm down. I love to pick my smell. I love that your massage bed is warm and feels like a fluffy cloud. I love our conversations and most of all I love the massage. I always feel great when I'm all done. I love eating candy at your desk on the way out:-) you run a top notch business and I feel like you have truly found your calling!!!" Anonymous

"Kristi, you are the upmost professional AND do an excellent job. I love that you are always trying new techniques and that you massage for the hour allotted. Other places use part of your hour for talking about problem areas and get dressed/undressed. I think you are FABULOUS!!!" Carol B.

"What I enjoy most about coming to Heavenly Hands is the minute I open the door the aura of peace descends and I finding that my muscles are starting to relax, and I noticing because I had not noticed that they were so tight! Kristi's positive aura just reaches out and brings you in! She always does her best to make you feel comfortable and relaxed. Oh, and the massage is where it is at!!!" Linda L.

“I am extremely happy with your services - and am thrilled to be able to refer you. :)” Anonymous

“I was very pleasantly surprised by your comfort care before and after my massage. I am overweight and have had bad experiences with other massage therapists because of my size. I have never felt self-conscious about my body with your services. I enjoy the little touches you make sure I have. The right oils, smells, heat, attention to problem areas and the bottle of water after care. It's all about customer comfort when you go to Heavenly Hands. I love the mini vacations.” Judith G.

“I am amazed at how relaxed I am during a deep tissue massage when I come see you. The care and genuine touch in the massages are most appreciated. So worth the money. If I could come weekly, bet I would be there. It is time for me to treat myself here SOON!! I enjoy how calming your business is when I walk through the door for my massage, and when I exit. It says a lot for a massage therapist when the business is calming.” Ginger C.

“Kristi is and always will be very professional, kind and courteous to everyone. She is friendly and puts new clients at ease. Her massage treatments are the best of the best.” Jackie T.

“I’ve tried numerous massage therapists over the years; however, Kristi is one of the best. I look forward to my weekly massages because she is friendly, customer focused and knowledgeable. Kristi uses the numerous massage techniques she has mastered to best fix my problem areas so I leave feeling rejuvenated and relaxed. Whether you go to her for therapeutic reasons or for relaxation, you will not be disappointed.” Antigone K.

“"Heavenly Hands" is aptly fitting for you, Kristi. You not only provide a relaxing massage, but I also feel a value-added component of true healing treatment after a session.” Kari C.

“I picked Heavenly Hands at random and have not been disappointed! Kristi has been very easy to work with and always done her best to accommodate my ever changing schedule. She even knows when I need to not talk and just lay there! I enjoy my massage EVERY week!” Tracy J.

“It is soooo wonderful. I get relief from my lower back pain and it even cured the pain in my neck. I am sure that it would help those with chronic headaches.” Peggy F.

“Had the best Indian head massage today, definitely make an appointment for this place:) ahhh so nice!!” Kim H.


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