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 SRT/Success Stories

What is Structural Relief Therapy (SRT)?

SRT is a non-invasive, advanced massage technique that stops involuntary muscle contraction, instantly increases range of motion, and dramatically decreases pain in the first treatment. SRT releases involuntary muscle contraction by reprogramming the jammed neurological signals of the muscles to and from the brain. SRT also incorporates the principles of Muscle Energy Technique (MET) and fascia release. The Structural Relief Therapy (SRT) Concept is Simple:

  • Assess limited range of motion and involuntary muscle contraction.
  • Locate and palpate the sharp SRT Tender Point.
  • Position the body to turn off the pain of the SRT Tender Point.
  • Hold this position for a full 90 or 120 seconds.
  • Slowly return the body to a neutral position.
  • Reassess increased ROM and released muscle contraction.


Success Stories:

“Broke my fascia muscle apparently as I was wearing crappy shoes for too long and I have a high arch and instep. I used inserts in old lady slip on shoes because I don't like shoes.  My hubby received a coupon to HHM as a gift but couldn't use it in time so I went in his place.

Just to be clear -- I do NOT like massages. So I was worried about how I was going to use this coupon for a massage that I didn't want.  When I was being asked about places which I might need help, I suddenly remembered my feet and the damned plantar fasciitis which was keeping me from walking without wincing with each step.  

**Best appointment I have ever had. BEST.**   No I didn't walk out of there perfect that minute, but as the weeks went by I realized suddenly, my foot didn't hurt AT ALL. As in NO PAIN. For the first time in six months.  It's starting to tweak again so I'm actually going back for a reboot. Me. Who eschews massages.  THANK YOU.”  Kristi N. 


"Almost a year ago, I was in a head-on car accident with a drunk driver on Highway 9. The full impact was on the front, driver’s corner, and the other driver died. According to the first responders, we should have also died, but by a miracle of God, three of my kids and I are still alive. My neck was broken at the C-7 vertebrae. The 2 pieces that connect the vertebrae to my neck muscles were broken or cracked. I was afraid to move my neck, and didn’t want to have anyone touch them for 5 weeks. When I finally came to Kristi, I couldn’t move my neck without moving my shoulders, too. That makes it very difficult to do a head-check while driving. Also, both of my thumbs were affected by the airbag, and my knees were bruised. Since the accident, my doctor decided that I have a slightly torn meniscus.  

Okay, now for the miraculous part of my massage journey. I walked in to the office assuming that I would feel pain, and eventually I would maybe get better. Kristi did SRT on my neck and shoulders; she worked a long time on my thumbs, too. Barely touching the hurt spots, Kristi found muscles that were tight and moved them to a comfortable position. When I left even the first day, I never felt discomfort, and I was rejoicing to do a head-check to get out of the parking lot for the first time in almost a month and a half! My knees were incredibly bruised. For the 2nd week, I had light massage on my legs to move the extra fluid from the harmed areas into the lymph nodes. By the next week, Kristi could start working the SRT miracle on my knees as well as my neck, shoulders, and thumbs.  

I am a fairly busy person, and only one month after the accident, I felt comfortable to jump over a rope with the 4 and 5year olds in my class. Kristi, through SRT, allowed me to cross my legs again, and sit cross legged in the circle, move my neck, and sleep more comfortably. I went from two times a week, to currently visiting only once a month. My body is being allowed to heal itself by just relaxing the muscles that had forgotten where they should be. All this without the pain I was told to expect with massage therapy!"  --Cathy A.


"Soothing, professional and therapeutic massage... Kristi's service has greatly helped me physically, mentally and emotionally. Both my wife and I regularly go to Heavenly Hands. Both of us have quite a few ailments (bursitis, tendinitis, etc.) that she is sensitive to and brings medical relief to. When I walk out from my regularly scheduled SRT appointments, I feel like I have a new body! Kristi has measurably contributed to our improved quality of life. Kristi is very courteous, professional and knowledgeable. The environment is comfortable, relaxing and clean. Definitely the best decision that we have made in a long time!" --Christopher L.


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